Akira Yanagida
Yanagida in anime
Character Information
Kanji 柳田 明
Romaji Yanagida Akira
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 30
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Relatives Delilah (girlfriend)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) JSDF Officer
Rank First Lieutenant
Affiliation JSDF
Location Japan

Special Region

Voiced by Yusa, Kouji

Patton, Chris (English Voice)

Akira Yanagida (柳田 明 Yanagida Akira) is a 1st lieutenant in the JSDF.


Yanagida has a sneaky and mischevious personality. Sometimes he tries to act being more important than Hazama. He also likes to annoy Itami. While usually a calm and analytical soldier, there can be cases where Yanagida would lose his cool and display an impetuous tendency, particularly during bouts of stress. One example would be when he found out that he was losing hair because of stress, he comically nailed a ushi no koku mairi on the door of Itami's office with the hopes that Itami would turn bald.

This trait was also shown when Itami was going to kill the Flame Dragon, Yanagida expressed his stressed thoughts in how he hated Itami, who climbed through the military ranks merely by luck, despite how he simply joined the military so he can support his hobby. Yet Itami was quickly promoted after the Ginza incident, as compared to Yanagida who went through a lot of struggle to achieve the same rank. Despite all this, Itami did not take this personally and Yanagida later apologized for his earlier speech.

There are times when Yanagida is willing to defend Itami such as the time when Kōichirō Hazama wanted to ask Yanagida about Itami's questionable actions. Yanagida responded that Itami was benefiting Japan by searching for resources. He is often seen smoking when talking to Itami.

He has a good understanding of politics and seems to be Lt. General Hazama's adjutant. As Yanagida notes, unlike most commanders in the JSDF (or the armed forces of a nation), Itami is the only one who can attract people to follow him rather than being assigned soldiers to. He even expresses envy at this. Later on, the entire Alnus Garrison even decides to help Itami slay the flame dragon he's after as well.

Like Itami and the most of the JSDF, he dislikes Deliah's recklessness in battle.


Yanagida is a tall handsome man with short black hair parted on left side, he also wears glasses. Yanagida almost always has a huge grin on his face. He is usually seen wearing formal military attire.


Nothing much of his part is shown, he graduated from the National Defense Academy of Japan (NDA) with flying colours but he failed to get into Tokyo University and he sometime feels himself somewhat inferior because of this fact.


Assassination Attempt on Noriko Mochizuki

Skills & Abilities


Delilah: She is Akira's girlfriend and personal warrior. Like the rest of the JSDF, he often scolds her recklessness in battle.