Akusho (悪所, lit. "evil place"), also known as the Red Light District, is a district in the Empire where rape and poverty is a common thing. The district is mostly ruled by bandits and thieves. Akusho is located at the lowest level in the capital's slums. It is a melting point for Humanoids and Beastman of all races. Ordinary residents in the capital city don't come to Akusho where crime and violence are a part of everyday life. The known ruling crime lord families of Akusho are Gonzori, Medusa, Paramount, and Bessara.

The Bessara family later met its downfall when trying to engage JSDF but was ultimately decimated as a result of the ensuing skirmish. The surviving crime lords all agree to work with the JSDF after witnessing the overwhelming power the JSDF had displayed.

Most of the Akusho's resident and prostitute aware of the covert operation of the JSDF against the Empire in Akusho but they choose to ignore due the superior firepower of the JSDF against the Empire as well as the fact that the JSDF pays them handsomely to spy on the Empire's inner circle or supporting them with foods and suppliers from the blockage of Zorzal.


A view of Akusho


Prostitutes of Akusho

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