Kingdom of Alguna
Flag of the Kingdom of Alguna
Flag of the Kingdom of Alguna
Vital statistics
Type Minor Power
  • Vassal State of the Empire (Formerly)
  • Independent State (currently)
Level Pre-industrial Medieval-like Feudal Hereditary Monarchy
Location West of the League Principality on the large peninsula in south of Falmart (the same one as Elbe, Sadera, and, Alnus are all located on)
Inhabitants Algunans
  • Algunan Soldiers
  • King of Alguna
The Kingdom of Alguna is a former vassal or tributary state of the Empire located to the west of the League Principality on the large peninsula at the south of Falmart (the same one where ElbeSadera and Alnus are all located on). The Rho River runs through the Kingdom, where it meets an unspecified ocean or sea in a large delta. Alguna is considered a small country with no special features where its economy revolves around agriculture and animal husbandry.


It can be seen that much like the Kingdom of Elbe, the Algunans have modeled their military after the one of the Empire's where their troops, during the Battle of Alnus, were made of Ogres and Goblins with bows and battleaxes, followed by their mainstay troops, the heavy infantry and bowmen, with sorcerers as a final battle line. Some of the major differences is that the Alguna military is dressed in green with yellow trim.

Their common battle tactics is that their scattered bowmen would fire, and then the mighty Ogres and Goblins would slash into the enemy formation to throw them into confusion. Next, the heavy infantry would advance in a densely-packed formation, their square shields formed into a mobile shield wall, marching in lockstep until they entered the fray. If they had enough sorcerers remaining, they would launch a magical attack in concert. Finally, the troops would open up and the cavalry would charge in to secure victory


The kingdom of Alguna is by no means a special one, and their economy has revolved around agriculture.

Second Battle of Alnus Hill

The armies of Alguna were present at the Battle of Alnus Hill, where they, along with Mudwan and the League Principality were the first to advance on the JSDF positions, as they led the assault on Alnus Hill. The Algunans, along with the armies of Mudwan and League, were destroyed in the first artillery barrage, resulting in a death toll of over ten thousand, including the King of Alguna.

Imperial Civil War

The Alguna Kingdom is one of the nation joins the JSDF to dispose Zorzal's regime. After the end of the war, Alguna along with others vassal states declares independent from the Empire.