Arctic War
Empire's flag 4

about 250 years prior to 20xx


about 250 years prior to 20xx


Special Region


Pyrrhic Imperial Victory


Empire's flag - new 1 The Empire

Unnamed Northern Tribe


Empire's flag - new 1 Unknown emperor



Battle of Akuteku

The Arctic War is the war between the Empire and the unnamed Northern tribe, full of skilled horsemen warrior and was considered to be one of the most devastating conflicts that the Empire has ever faced in its long history. This major war took place about 250 years prior to the JSDF arrival, or around 487 Imperial Calendar (mid-1700s). This difficult and turbulent period is generally known for the battle of Akuteku, one of the greatest military defeats of the Empire’s history prior to the outbreak of the Japanese-Empire War. This war is also considered by the modern Empire's politicians as the best example in the imperial history that embodies the imperial policy to never surrender and submit to the enemy, regardless of the losses and humiliations. The imperial historians report that when the news of the army's total defeat reached the ears of the politicians of the time they never lamented their lost valour and pride and they haven’t agreed to negotiate for peace (which for them was as good as admitting defeat). They also reported that when the Empire's women learned of the death of 60 thousand soldiers during the battle of Akuteku they reacted by saying: "So what if we lost 60 thousand men?! We will birth that number in no time!", while rolling up their skirts for others to see (but probably this is just a story manipulated by imperial historians to put the Empire in a good light). It is believed that eventually the Empire has won the war, although at a dire price.

The war also one of the circumstance that the Empire and the vassal states as well as others neighboring nations band to together to defeat the common foe.


The war creates an arrogant attitude for the Empire and its politicians, especially Zorzal and his pro-war senators and generals since they think can win all kinds of enemy and war by clinging to this part glory. As the result, the Empire is completely unprepared to fight the JSDF in the future and arrogantly as well as delusionally believe they can defeat a vast technologically advanced nation like Japan only to fail in the end without realizing the fact that the JSDF is far millions time more powerful and immensely different from the enemy they had faced in this war.

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