An Armored Whale

Armored Whale is a species of sea monster with tough skin found in the Avion Sea. During the rescue operation of American journalist beyond the Gate, the JMSDF submarine encounters this creature while infiltrating pirate territory and manages to kill it with two torpedoes.


The armor whale length about 50-60 meters, can dive to thousands of meters depth, making speed at 12 knots, has extra thick exoskeleton skins, and can shoot air bubble wrapped supercavitating teeth at enemy, each around 6 meter long and 50cm thick and speed at supersonic 1500km/h.

They are known to travel in pack, put holes in wooden boats bottom so they can feed off the falling sailors.

Much like the Flame Dragon in Falmart continent, they are the sign of calamity of the sea and no one in the Avion Sea can kill them due the general primitive weapon and ship in the Special Region.

They also gives the JMSDF a hard time to deal with much like the Flame Dragon to the JSDF. However, they are considered to be much more dangerous than the Flame Dragon due to the aquatic environment, hunting in pack habit and their supersonic supercavitating teeth and super strength nearly sinking an outdated submarine of JMSDF forcing the JMSDF to deploy more modern version to deal with them effectively. Due to their tough skins, it takes at least two well-shots torpedoes to kill one armored whale.