Bombing of the Imperial Senate


Battle of Mount Tube

Assassination Attempt on Noriko Mochizuki
Yanigida assassination

Japanese-Empire War and Imperial Civil War




Alnus, Special Region

  • Yanagida and Delilah both severely wounded
  • Noriko Mochizuki survives
  • Haryo tribe failed their task



Warrior Bunny Conspirators


Akira Yanagida wounded

Delilah wounded

Civilian casualties



Three years prior to the JSDF's arrival, the Empire attacked the Warrior Bunny Tribes in the Empire-Warrior Bunny War, which ended when Tyuule surrendered herself to Imperial Prince Zorzal El Caesar, agreeing to become his sex slave in exchange for sparing the lives of her people. Zorzal, however, betrayed his promise and had most of Tyuule's people enslaved or murdered.

Delilah was one of the few to escape, killing a guard and fleeing until she was taken in by the Formal Clan to serve as a servant up to the present day. Shortly after the Battle of Italica, Delilah was sent to act as a spy at the newly built JSDF base at Alnus. Once there, Delilah began working as a waitress in a restaurant and bar built to serve the burgeoning JSDF community.

Shortly after the Liberation of Noriko Mochizuki and Zorzal's other slaves, Tyuule sent a forged letter to Delilah using a stolen Clan Formal seal provided by Bartholomew. It contained an order to assassinate Noriko Mochizuki, hoping to reignite the war between the Empire and Japan. Despite her misgivings, Delilah accepted the assignment.


Delilah met Noriko outside the JSDF hospital in Alnus. Delilah was taken aback to discover that Noriko, who was severely traumatized by her rape and torture by the hands of Zorzal El Caesar was more than willing to die and in no way resisted the assassination attempt ever since she realized that her family members were likely dead during the Battle of Ginza.

This surprise delayed Delilah long enough for Akira Yanagida to arrive on the scene. The uninvited arrival forced Delilah to try to eliminate Yanigida, who drew his sidearm in response but missed the first few shots due to Delilah's superhuman speed. Delilah managed to thrust her blade into the side of his abdomen when she closed in on him.

While the blade was lodged inside him, Yanagida took the chance to shoot Delilah many times at point blank range before the both of them gave in to their wounds and lost consciousness. The sound of gunshots quickly drew JSDF personnel to the scene and both Delilah and Yanagida were rushed into the hospital, allowing both of them to survive their wounds.


Wanting to know the reasons behind Delilah's actions, the JSDF investigated her room and discovered the order Delilah she had received from the Formal Clan. The JSDF had visited the Formal Clan, where the head maid, Kaine, was able to confirm the authenticity of the seal, and admitted that she sent Delilah to Alnus as a spy for the Formal Clan but she denied giving Delilah any such order.

It was later discovered that Bartholomew, a butler serving the Formal Clan, was a collaborator of the fake order. While Bartholomew was interrogated and information was obtained, it was already too late to apprehend the culprit which had long left the scene.

Deducing that the culprit was someone who wanted to disrupt the peace negotiations between Japan and the Empire, as the entire assassination attempt was meant to frame Piña, Zorzal became the prime suspect and the JSDF wanted to send a spy to infiltrate and monitor Zorzal's movements. Out of sheer coincidence and luck, Hitoshi Furuta was hired by Zorzal to be his personal chef and he became the eyes and ears JSDF sorely needed in the time of crisis.