Attack on Koan


Battle of Italica

Attack on the Coda Convoy
Rocket vs dragon

Japanese-Empire War


20xx/ 687 Imperial Calender


Near Coda, Special Region

  • Flame Dragon wounded and forced to retreat
  • 150 civilian casualties

Flame Dragon


Flame Dragon


Flame Dragon

Third Recon Team


Flame Dragon (wounded)

150 civilians

Civilian casualties

150 villagers

After its attack on the nearby Koan Forest, the Flame Dragon moved to the direction of the village Coda, prompting the inhabitants to evacuate. The Third Recon Team of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) arrived in the village in the midst of an evacuation and assisted while providing an escort to Alnus. It is at this point that the Third Recon first met Lelei La Lalena. The evacuation initially proceeds as planned, save for the encounter with Rory Mercury, who joins the convoy by literally sitting on Itami's lap in order to fit in the crowded vehicle.

At some point during the evacuation, the Flame Dragon appears and attacks the convoy. The JSDF attempt to engage using a M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun, as well as their Howa Type 64 rifles, though these do not do much to the dragon. Tuka Luna Marceau awakens and informs the JSDF that they should aim for the dragon's eye. Gunfire impacting near the eye phases the dragon, but does not seem to directly hit- as it does not appear to lose an eye.

Tuka Luna Marceau EYE

Pointing at her eye the naked young Elf suggests an aiming point.

With lighter weapons proving ineffective, Itami orders Wataru Katsumoto to fire a Panzerfaust-3 at the dragon. The dragon moves to evade the rocket, but an attack by Rory Mercury temporarily incapacitates it just long enough for the rocket to impact one of its arms, blowing it off.

The severely wounded Fire Dragon flees the scene, but not before it has caused 150 civilian casualties (a quarter of Coda).

After the dead are buried, the survivors who do not have anywhere else to go are driven back to Alnus. Shortly afterwards, the refugee camp at Alnus is constructed. This camp eventually increases in population, becoming a town in its own right.