Aurea anime
Character Information
Kanji アウレア
Romaji Aurea
Biographical Information
Race Medusa
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Maid

Counter-intelligent member of the JSDF.

Affiliation JSDF

Formal Clan

Location Italica

Aurea (アウレア Aurea)  is a maid who works for Formal Clan. During the Imperial Civil War, she works as a counter-spy for the JSDF.


Aurea has a happy-go-lucky personality and she behaves very much like a child. She is always seen with a smile on her face.


As a medusa her most notable feature is her hair which is made of snakes. She has a short stature. She is usually seen wearing a formal maid uniform. Aurea has red hair as well as golden eyes.



Skills & Abilities

Memory leeching: she can leech memory from any people she attacks in which proving to be vital for the JSDF to counter Haryo tribe's assassins.

Head Liberation: she can survive without her head attached to her body.

Body regeneration: she can regenerate her entire body by sucking the life force of living being.

Life force leeching: this is her strongest power in which she can suck the life force of a living being until its becomes a dry corpse like a mummified body. She uses this power to kill one of the elite member of the Haryo Tribe while he tries to poison the food of the pro-peace faction during the Imperial Civil War.

Pleasure induction: once her tentacles touched her victims, they would drown in that hellish pleasure and lose the ability to fight back.