Aurea anime
Character Information
Kanji アウレア
Romaji Aurea
Biographical Information
Race Medusa
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Maid
Affiliation JSDF

Formal Clan

Location Italica

Aurea (アウレア Aurea)  is a maid who works for Formal Clan. During the Imperial Civil War, she works as a counter-spy for the JSDF.


Aurea has a happy-go-lucky personality and she behaves very much like a child. She is always seen with a smile on her face.


As a medusa her most notable feature is her hair which is made of snakes. She has a short stature. She is usually seen wearing a formal maid uniform. Aurea has red hair as well as golden eyes.



Skills & Abilities

Memory leeching: she can leech memory from any people she attacks in which proving to be vital for the JSDF to counter Haryo tribe's assassins.

Head Liberation: she can survive without her head attached to her body.

Body regeneration: she can regenerate her entire body by sucking the life force of living being.



Aurea in the manga


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