Battle of Marais

687, Imperial Calender (20xx Earth Calender)


Empire, Special Region

  • JSDF victory
  • Imperia loses all their ambushed troop as well as most of their standing army.


  • 1st Combat Unit
  • 4th Combat Unit


  • A few soldier were killed
  • Some vehicles and helicopter has been destroyed


  • All ambush forces were destroyed
  • Count Woody
  • Count Padawan
Civilian casualties


The Battle of Marais was the one of battle during the Japanese-Empire War, as well as the Imperial Civil War. This battle was the attempt by Zorzal and his generals to stop the JSDF attack on their territory. Although succeeded in causing damage to the JSDF by surprise and overwhelming numbers, this was indeed a Pyrrhic but most of all extremely short term victory that only caused minor damage to the JSDF reconnaissance units while suffered heavy losses and had little influence on their advance efforts. In addition, this battle also caused the internal government of Zorzal to disintegrate due to the fact that Zorzal's true intention used the forces here to distract JSDF while in fact the main force attacked Italica in his desperation to win the war against the Loyalist, leaving ambush units to be mowed down by JSDF's superior firepower from machine gun and heavy weapons. This leads to internal distrust between Zorzal and pro-war senators and generals since he promised them to send them reinforcement. As the result, some of the pro-war senators surrender the JSDF after realizing they were made into Zorzal's meat shield the whole time.

Preparation of the two sides

The Marais is a land with high mountains and sacred forests. In the south there is a mountainous area called Beza. These are the two locations where JSDF and Zorzal's forces were engaged.

-Zorzal's force: Through the countdown, Zorzal learned of the JSDF's forthcoming offensive and decided to send half of its forces to the Marais. Some new tactics have been used, such as digging holes to trap tanks and JSDF armor (Marais), using Wywern to drop a chain into the helicopter propeller that causes them to fall (Beza). They hope to block the JSDF by overwhelming the number of soldiers as well as applying new methods of attack.

-JSDF: This campaign is made for the purpose of retrieving the Imperial Capital. To do this, General Hazama ordered the 1st and 4th Combat Teams to attack and disable the fortress of Zorzal between Italica and Capital. Team 1 will attack along the road to Fort Fyue, while Team 4 will attack enemy ground forces in the Beza Valley. Furuta warns of a large force of Zorzal around these two locations, so the attack mobilized a variety of JSDF heavy weapons to eliminate all the advantages of Zorzal's forces. However, the reconnaissance of the JSDF caused the JSDF to suffer unnecessary casualties during the battle, although they manage to mow down vast amount of Zorzal's force with their guns and armored vehicle..


  • Fight around Marais: 1st Combat Unit (CO Colonel Kuze) vs Imperial Ground Legion (CO Count Woody)
  • Enemy ground forces are spotted in the open by OH-1 on reconnaissance duty. JSDF uses aerial spotting to aid Type 75 artillery in directing fire. The enemy forces retreat into the forest, where they cannot be directly observed..
    • Infantry are sent into the forest to smoke out the Imperials. They encounter camouflaged Imperial soldiers and “Scopedogs”—heavily armored and shielded ogres which are immune to light arms. Japan sustains at least one or a small group of soldiers injured (May have been killed - in the worst case) by stray arrow and Orge attacks but is able to force the enemy to retreat again by firing their rifle grenade to kill several Ogres and calls artillery strike to decimate vast amount of ambushed Imperial Troop.
    • Kuze notices that the enemy infantry is not scattering, but is instead moving towards a location to the West between “Peak 1 and Peak 2” (one of which is Beza). Since this is a region without trees and ogres have been identified as a threat, armored units are sent to pursue, including the Type 74 MBT, the Type 60 Tank Destroyer, Komatsu LAVs, Type 87 Recon/Patrol vehicles and one or more Type 82 Communication Vehicle. If other vehicles are included, they are not mentioned.
    • While in pursuit, a Type 87 breaks through the top of a camouflaged infantry trench. Now in close range, a disguised force of Zorzal’s forces emerge and attack the vehicles at close range only to be mowed down by firearms and their weapon cannot make a dent to JSDF's armored vehicle. Besides standard infantry and Scopedogs, the enemy employs war elephants and rhinos, battering rams, and flaming wagons pushed down the slopes of the mountains. The attack is at such close range that enemy infantry are climbing aboard the outside of the vehicles before the crews aboard can counter them. This means that, in addition to being boxed in on three sides, they are in the midst of enemy forces and there is a threat of friendly fire. However, due to their primitive weapon, they can only cause cosmetic damage to the vehicle and some vehicles manage to shoot down their enemies or shake them off.
    • The JSDF C.O. quickly regains control, but the situation remains dire. Imperial anti-tank units including battering rams and war beasts manage to damage several Humvee by smashing with great force large enough to force or throw out the soldiers within, who are forced into the open and form “fighting squares.” However, JSDF tanks still functional perfectly and manage to kill several beasts and battering ram with their tank cannon. Some trolls, orcs and goblins try to cling to the tank cannon are being blasted into pieces by tank shell.
    • The Imperials are continuing to overwhelm the JSDF with superior numbers but sustains massive casualties due to their human wave attack. General Woody ordered to hold JSDF forces long enough for Zorzal to provide reinforcements without knowing that he and the rest of his troop were being used as meat shield in the first place.
    • After a few hours, Woody's force dwindles as fast pace and the morale of his men begin to fall rapidly after the majority of the Imperial force as well as all their war beast and cavalry being chopped down by tank and machine gun. Despite being told by his subordinates to retreat since they cannot hold much longer, Woody stubbornly refuse to retreat since he still believe in Zorzal's false promise.
    • After Kuze successfully pinpoints artillery at their location, artillery begins to initiate barrage on Woody's troops causing almost all Imperial troops to be flooded in the flood of fire and explosive. As the result, Woody's remaining force morale breaks completely and run for their life.
    • JSDF forces begins to advance to kill off the remaining Imperial troop.
    • Woody stares the scene in disbelief and horror as the entire thousands of ambushing force being shred apart. During this time, scouting helicopter spots Woody and his troops in the mountain and begins to order mortars to fire at Woody's position.
    • Woody and his officials try to run for their life, one his scout returns to him and report that Zorzal is attacking Italica.
    • Realizing he had been turned into meat shield in the first place. The only thing Woody can do right now is scream and curse Zorzal as the mortal shell sends him and his men into oblivion.
  • Fight on Beza valley: 4th Combat (C.O. Lt. Colonel Kengun, King Duran) vs Imperial Wyvren Legion (C.O. Count Podawan)
  • Combat and troop transport helicopters fly down the pass on course for Fortress Fyue. They are flying low, presumably to reduce the chance of being spotted by the fortress defenses during approach.

    The helicopters are attacked from above and at close range by wyverns. Some wyverns drop metal chain nets onto the main rotors of some helicopters. This method is not normally employed in modern warfare , but could work in theory in a highly inefficient manner since wyvern doesn't have any targeting system to accurately drop the net and the helicopter has superior speed to maneuver the drop. At lease 1 helicopter ( a UH-1 or CH-47) has fallen.
  • Wyvren continue assault with archery tools but their spear and arrow cannot punch through the armor of the helicopter and its ballistic glass. Helicopters take evasive maneuvers. With enemy units above and beside them, and crashed helicraft needing assistance below them, the 4th is pinned.

  • Despite the surprise attack, helicopter squadron manage to gain their fighting position and open fire causing large amount of wyverns to fall down.

  • Duran and Podawan enter into combat. Due to Podawan's arrogant toward Duran's handicap appearance, he foolishly lets his guard down only for Duran to rush and pin Podawan to the ground and smash him to death with his baton.


While these forces were ambushing the JSDF, Zorzal, Helm and other generals took about 10,000 troops to Italica, believing their plan would succeed. However, they did not anticipate Italica's strong resistance comprised of various troops from vassal states as well as strong demi-human race like Dark Elves, all surviving Warrior Bunnies, Dwarf and Wolfman was enough to hold them until the JSDF sent reinforcements and destroyed most of their forces, completely destroying all Zorzal's war effort.

The ambush forces were also torn apart. Count Woody was killed by mortar shell after he lost all his ambush force, while in Beza, Count Padawan was shot down and killed by King Duran - who survived the helicopter carrying him and his teammates crashed by Wywern's ambush .

With JSDF, this is a successful campaign, although they have also suffered unprecedented losses since they arrived in the Special Region. However, their casualty is quite minor.


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