Bessara family (ベッサーラ家 Bessāra-ke) was a crime family which once terrorized Akusho. The family gained its income from Bessara's brothels and extorting protection money. It was affiliated with Crime lords of Akusho. Bessara himself was considered to be the “worst even among crime lords.” The Bessara family meets it end when Bessara recklessly and foolishly attacks the JSDF's base of operation in Akusho in which the entire gang are wipe out by JSDF's firearms.

In the novel, it was elaborated that many residents of Akusho lost their wives, children and other relatives to Bessara’s activities. When Bessara lost his men and his home from the skirmish at Akusho. The locals who had harbored a vendetta against Bessara, exacted revenge by surrounding and stabbing him until his body looked like a pincushion. Bessara’s body was later dumped in an alley where all the residents of Akusho, who noticed the cadaver, considered the JSDF as “untouchable.”

In the anime, Bessara was killed by a grenade during the skirmish at Akusho.





Bessara's family thugs


All Bessara's thugs being chopped down by JSDF's firepower


Bessara in the anime


Bessara's mansion being blown up by the JSDF's bomb


Bessara is killed by a grenade during the Skirmish at Akutso in the anime


Bessara's family being ambushed by thugs from others rival crime family

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