“They are Special Region Type B Dangerous Beasts, also known as “Black Dogs”. They look like dogs, but they’re the size of a tiger. They hunt in packs and they’re coming for us. Recently, Zorzal’s troops have been using creatures like that as weapons.”
Tomita describes the Black Dogs in Volume 7 chapter 1 of the light novel.
The Black Dogs or Hellhound are beasts native to the Special Region, classified as Rank B Dangerous Animals by the JSDF.


Black Dogs have the appearance of a dog about the size of the tiger. Like a wolves, they often hunt in packs and use their sheer numbers to swarm and overwhelm an opponent.Despite their beast-like strengths, they stand no chance against firearms. It also is shown that they are also extremely reckless and foolhardy since none of them try to retreat after JSDF's helicopters bombard on their position, killing hundreds of them, unlike others predators like wolves, lions or tigers, which often retreat after encountering hunters with rifles.

They can be controlled by silent pipes that work like dog whistles by producing a high-frequency sound that is inaudible to the human ears.


During the Imperial Civil War, Zorzal's forces use these creatures as weapons to attack the JSDF and the Empire Loyalists, only to waste thousands of them without inflicting any damages to the JSDF.


  • Black Dogs or Hellhounds seem to be based on / inspired by, or at the very least named after the Hell hound from the Dungeons and Dragons Role-Playing Game.
  • While clearly they are more dangerous than Imperial's human wave, it seems that the JSDF did not have too much trouble dealing with them, thanks in part to the tactical changes that had been drawn from the previous battles, such as Siege of the Jade Palace, in which they bring artillery and air supports to prevent themselves from being overwhelmed from the vast numbers of the enemy.