Liberation of Noriko Mochizuki


Assassination Attempt on Noriko Mochizuki

Bombing of the Imperial Senate
Gate senate bomb

Japanese-Empire War and Imperial Civil War




Sadera, The Empire, Special Region

  • Imperial Senate building destroyed as warning to the Empire
  • All influential, realistic and rational members of the pro-war faction as well as the senate in general defect to the pro-peace faction
  • The pro-peace faction of the senate gains more power
  • Only the most extremist, delusional and irrational senators and generals remain in the pro-war faction.

Flag of Japan.svg Japan Self-Defense Forces

Empire's flag - new 1 Empire

  • two F-4 Phantom fighter jets
  • Special Forces Group




The destruction of the Imperial Senate

Civilian casualties


After the incident at the Imperial Palace, in which it was discovered by Yōji Itami and the Third Recon Team that the Empire had taken Japanese slaves during the Battle of Ginza, the Japanese government sent an ultimatum demanding the release of all Japanese slaves owned by the Empire. They also sent a warning to evacuate the Imperial Senate.

The day after the warning was received, two JSDF F-4 Phantom jet fighters made a low-level run over Sadara, the Imperial capital, creating a great deal of noise and terrifying the residents of the city, who had obviously never seen aircrafts before. The fighters then dropped a pair of laser guided bombs aimed by JSDF Special Forces teams on the ground. The bombs impacted and destroyed the evacuated Imperial Senate, demonstrating the power of the JSDF to the rulers of the Empire while letting the Empire understand the consequences should they fail to comply with the demand of returning all the captured Japanese citizens.


As the bombing was recorded, and photos of the aftermath were also taken, Japanese government intends to have the video be uploaded for the public where the Japanese government saw this as a catalyst to raise their approval rating as the rescue of the enslaved Japanese citizens would have a positive effect for public relations; because of this, Itami wasn’t punished for acting on his own accord where he was instead rewarded later.

Many within the Empire's capital came to believe that the Empire, especially Emperor Molt Sol Augustus, has angered the gods and the bombing, along with the recent earthquake, was divine punishment. As a meeting was held in the remains of the Imperial Senate, Marquis Casel had questioned the Emperor's ruling, which lead to the "unprecedented damage and humiliation" for the Empire. Because of the bombing, Casel noted in how it was easy to understand that they can be easily killed by Japan. After asking asking why Japan was angry over a single female slave the pro-peace faction then called princess Piña Co Lada to speak. Piña then brings up her discovery, as she visited Japan, where she learns that the Empire was fighting against a highly advanced nation. After Piña declares that she had taken the role of intermediary in the peace negotiations with Japan and the Empire, the princess then brings up a list of war prisoners that Japan has captured, much to the shock of many nobles who assume that all the soldiers, that were sent to Japan, were killed. As the nobles asked Piña if their captured family members were truly alive, Piña had gave her confirmation and was allowed to select up to ten people where she intends to prioritize the people who would help with the peace negotiations; while many other nobles ask if Japan plans to enslave the captured prisoners, much to their shock, Piña tells them that slavery does not exist in Japan. Piña then continues with how she later begins to understand the JSDF, especially their rage after learning the enslaved Japanese, which lead to the destruction of the Imperial Senate.

According to Diabo, it would be likely that the pro-peace faction will gain many supporters. Zorzal, wishing to continue to wage war against Japan but knows he cannot fight against Japan by normal means, plans to lay low as he pretended to support the peace negotiations by apologizing and finding any Japanese slaves to be sent back to Japan. Zorzal's short-sighted desire made Diabo to feel uneasy and utterly uncomfortable as he sees Molt really made an extremely bad and irresponsible decision to choose an idiot like Zorzal to be his successor.