Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Title(s) Centurion
Professional Information
Rank Centurion

Borhos is the Centurion under Godasen's command. He is shown to be a caring Imperial commander and show great disgust with the disregard of the Oprichnina in term of the life and well-being of the pro-war senators and general.

During the rescue operation of JSDF to free captive Japanese citizen from the Battle of Ginza Matsui Fuyuki from Imperial Troop's imprisonment, he tries his best to ensure the safety of Godasen when Deliah and the JSDF Special Force uses him as hostage to free Matsui while disregard the cruel command of Oprichiki Dulles to charge at the JSDF without taking into consideration of the hostage.

After the Delilah and the Special Force breaks the formation of the Imperial Troop after Dulles commands his troop to fire arrows at Godasen and JSDF, he is saved by the JSDF sniper when Dulles tries to stab him from the back for disobeying his suicide command to charge at the running JSDF force.

After ordering the surrounding ambush Imperial Troop to surround the retreating JSDF Special Force, which is failed since he cannot anticipate the present of the Chinook helicopter used by the JSDF force to retreat, he gets Godasen to safety and treat his wound. However, he cannot save Godasen from the infection from his wound and blood loss. Despite the circumstance, he is thankful for the JSDF for getting rid of Dulles.

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