Bouro manga
Character Information
Kanji ボウロ
Romaji Bouro
Biographical Information
Race Humanoid
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Job(s) Spy
Affiliation Haryo

Tyuule (Initially)


Bouro (ボウロ) is the leader of the Haryo Tribe and a temporary ally of Tyuule. He was killed by Tyuule for betraying her to Zorzal during the Second Battle of Italica. His death marks the collapse of the Haryo Tribe.


Bouro is a cunning, sneaky, duplicitous and selfish individual, willing to betray and to lie to anyone to achieve his goals. As all the members of the Haryo tribe, he believes that the control of the Special Region belongs by right to his people, but he still prefers to live on the cast-offs of the other races and thrive in the service of other powerful non-Haryo individuals, like Tyuule or Zorzal El Caesar (but only to betray them at a later time). His loyalty lies only with the Haryo tribe and everyone else is considered expendable for his rise to power.

To lead his tribe to the heights of power, he devised a bold plan which would push the empire to its collapse; a plan he had set in motion with the outbreak of war between Japan and the Empire. Bouro thought of using Tyuule as a springboard to start his infiltration of the Empire from the shadows. The tribe would become increasingly powerful and influential in the imperial court through murder, deception and backstabbing before finally devouring the empire from within and ending up become the ultimate rulers of the Special Region. Like Zorzal, he highly underestimates the JSDF in which proved to be devastated to the Haryo as a whole since the whole tribe nearly loses all of its members during the Infiltration in Italica and Bouro has to struggle to keep the tribe intact. However, unlike Zorzal, he takes the JSDF seriously and greatly hesitates the engage them showing that he is not as delusional as Zorzal.

Bouro is also an extremely lustful and depraved person. He’s extremely sexually attracted to Tyuule, to the point of wanting to reveal her secret plans to Zorzal just to get her as a prize. However, his lustful also his undoing since he is killed by Tyuule in the end for betraying her to Zorzal during the Second Battle of Italica by strangles him with her prison chain.


Bouro has a somewhat rat-like appearance. He wears ragged clothes as well as an eyepatch on his eye.  In the videos he is more dog like with a bandage over one eye:



Skills & Abilities



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