Dimensions and Weight
Weight 10.2 tons
Length (Gun Forward) 30.1 m
Hull length 15.8 m
Width 3.78 m
Height 5.7 m
Machine guns 2 x M2-HB
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition Load
Engine 2 x T55-GA-714A turboshaft (CH-47D) engine
Engine power 4 733 SHP
Maximum speed 315 km/h
Range 741 km

The CH-47JA is a custom built CH-47J for the JGSDF, introduced in 1993; long-ranged version of the CH-47J. The only differences between the CH-47J and the CH-47D are the engine, rotor brake, and avionics. It can hold up to 3+55 crew members or up to 12.7 tons worth of cargo.

A CH-47JA landing


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