Cato El Altestan
Kato anime
Character Information
Kanji カト・エル・アルテスタン
Romaji Kato Eru Arutesutan
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age 60~
Gender Male
Title(s) Sage
Status Alive
Professional Information
Affiliation JSDF


Kato and Lele

Cato's appearance in Manga is very different from the Videos, he is a more serious and less the buffoon.

Cato El Altestan (カト・エル・アルテスタン Kato Eru Arutesutan) is the elder sage of the Coda village. His disciple is Lelei La Lalena. Cato is a magician who took in Lelei and her sister as disciples in magic. He took the role of a fatherly figure over the refugees evacuated to Alnus by Itami.


Cato is very experienced in magic usage. He is calm in most situations. As a sage, Cato is a very knowledgeable man. However, he can sometimes be perverted in which Lelei often beats him up for its.


Cato looks like an ordinary old man. He has his long gray beard tied together at the end as well as having gray hair. He wears blue wizard clothes as well as a blue wizard hat with a pierced ring in it.

Cato's Manga appearance is very different and his character is less the buffoon. He never wears a hat, but does smoke a pipe.


Cato became master to Lelei at some unknown time.


Cato is first seen fleeing from the Coda village with Lelei.

Skills & Abilities

Magic: Cato is the one who taught Lelei magic.



He is named after Cato, the Elder of Rome.


Cato got blasted by Lelei for his perverted remarks about Lelei' sister

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