Chapter 18
The World’s Greatest National Diet Broadcast
Volume 3
Chapter 17
Chapter 19
Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga title, "The World’s Greatest National Diet Broadcast."


Yōji Itami, Lelei La Lalena, Tuka Luna Marceau, and Rory Mercury testify before the Japanese National Diet. The first questioner is opposition Diet member Mizuki Kōhara.

Yōji Itami is the first questioned, Mizuki Kōhara pounds the number of civilian casualties, 150 a quarter of Koda Village's population, notes no JSDF casualties, and chides Itami nonchalant. Itami notes the fire arms they had were pea shooters. Vice Defense Minister Watanabe Ryousou noted the scales of the Flame Dragon were harder than tungsten and light that the dragon was essentially a flying tank.

Lelei is called next when asked if she thought the JSDF was responsible for the civilian casualties she answers no. Mizuki bores in on if the refugee camp is convenient for the refugees. Again she recieves nothing. Next up is Tuka, Misuki asks if here ears are real she answers yes, and asks if Misuki wishes to touch them. Misuki is defeated when in asking about the flame Dragon attack Tuka notes she was unconscious during the attack.

Mizuki thinks she has a morning villager in Rory the next witness, she asks about her day in the refugee camp, calling Rory a little girl, and then asks about the JSDF implying they used the civilians as human shields. Rory shouts in Japanese that Misuki is an idiot and berates her. Misuki accuses Rory of being inpolite to her elders again calling her a little girl. Itami steps between them before Rory kills Misuki and Misuki asks Rory her age, and Rory informes the Diet of her age, 961 years! When asked Tuka says she is 165 years and Lelei is 15.

They leave the Diet by bus when Komakado is cut off.

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