Chapter 19
Risa’s cluttered Room
Volume 3
Chapter 18
Chapter 20
Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga chapter title is, "Risa’s cluttered Room."


Yōji Itami, Lelei La Lalena, Tuka Luna Marceau, and Rory Mercury transfer from the bus to a subway train. There they meet Piña Co Lada, Bozes Co Palesti, Akira Tomita and Shino Kuribayashi who had boarded the train earlier. At the next stop Komakado joins them. The two Empire ladies and Rory Mercury are quite upset being in the underworld. Rory is upset that the goddess Hardy might show up and stays close to Itami as Hardy repellent. As Rory gets more and more fidgety Itami takes her off the train joined by the others. A mugger attempts to steal Rory's halberd, and Komakado wrenches his back when he tries to pick up the halberd and hand it to Rory. They go to eat supper and discover the Hotel they were supposed to occupy had a fire. so they go to Itami's ex wife's apartment. We have a few pages getting to know Risa, Itami's ex-wife. Itami brings a bag of food and Risa lets them stay. She is up working late into the nite on her doujinshi book. She and Akira Tomita discuss Itami and Risa's relation ship while the other sleep. Tomita notes Risa's place is full of adult Women's Doujinshi.

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