Chapter 2
Recon Platoon 3 Heads for the Special Zone
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2 of the Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! manga chapter title, "Recon Platoon 3 Heads for the Special Zone"


In the White House, President Dirrel described how the Special Region was an absolute treasure trove for the taking but America was already tied down with its own problem to deal with in the Middle East at that time. Thus, he was simply content with providing Japan with the extra ammunition, armament, materiel, military supplies, and weaponry for a cut of profit. He considered the advance into the Special Region to be more trouble than what it's worth at that time and Japan could deal with that part while America simply sit back.

Back at the Imperial capital, Emperor Molt Sol Augustus discussed about the defeat of the Allied Army together with Marcus. Instead of feeling shaken, Molt ordered that a scorched earth operation to be carried out on the area between Alnus and the Empire. Just when Marcus was about to take his leave, Molt's daughter, Pina Co Lada, presented herself in front of him. At first questioning her father's actions of letting the enemies setting up a foothold at Alnus and nearly gotten herself into an argument with Marcus, she was later ordered by Molt to mobilize her Knights to scout the enemies.

The Third Recon Team travelled along a dirt road in their vehicles while having some friendly chatter of the environment and how some of them hoped to meet fantasy beings like those found in fairy tales as Itami Yōji took some time in between chatter to rehearse the Special Region language. Just as they were about to stop for the night, they found a forest burning in the distance and through the use of a pair of binoculars, saw a dragon flying over the place.

Curious about the reason the dragon set fire to the place, Itami led the members of Third Recon into the charred forest after the flying beast had long gone from the spot. There, they found the remains of dead elves and ruins that were once considered homes. Sweeping through the area, Third Recon found no visible survivors and thought that none had actually made it out alive. As Itami threw a bucket into a well with the intention of refilling his empty canteen, he heard a loud sound of the bucket hitting something solid. With the light from Kuribayashi Shino's flashlight, the both of them looked into the well and found an unconscious female elf.