Chapter 21
Defense of Sankai Resort
Volume 3
Chapter 20
Chapter 22

Chapter 21 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga, "Defense of Sankai Resort  Chapter."  The introductory art of this chapter is too risque for the Wikia.


Page 1 shows the Japanese command center watching the Hot Springs. Page 2 shows the girls all nude wanting to go in the pool, Shino Kuribayashi holds Rory Mercury back Risa, Lelei La Lalena, Tuka Luna Marceau, Piña Co Lada and Bozes Co Palesti watch with excitement. Page 3 back to the Japanese command center with Tarō Kanō and Lieutenant Colonel Ryuuzaki . Page 4 Kuribayashi is washing Rory's hair, then asked why she tensed, Roy answers they are being watched. Kuribayashi asks if it's Yōji Itami is the peeper. Page 5 more washing the Rose Knights admit to peeping on the male knights bathing. Rory is first to approach the pool, but in page 6 Tuka jumps in splashing Rory Kuribayashi says no swimming allowed! and bottom panel back to the Command Center continued on page 7. .Page 8 has the girls in the hot spring pool talking Risa asks if any one heard about anything romantic, and Kuribayashi mentions Akira Tomita's romance with Bozes. Piña joins in asking Bozes on page 9 that continues to page 10 ending when Rory asks Riza about her ricon with Itami. Riza tells that his comment about insurance taking care of her if something happened beyond the Gate showed he did not know she loved him so she divorced him to start afresh. Page 12 is foreign agents and the Japanese command center. Page 13 has Rory and Kuribayashi grabbing Itami and Tomita and bringing them to the girl's room, Page 14 shows an alcoholic girl's party. Page 15 has Bozes exposing more breast to Tomita, and Itami joshing him they should go to the futon storage area ending in Tomita in the corner with his back to the group. Page 16 has a drunken Kuribayashi asking Itami for an introduction to someone single in special forces so they can get married. The next page she discusses the healing properties of her large breasts and ugh, accidentally slugs Itami when he jokes they are muscles. Page 18 we see the first fighting between the three groups of foreign agents one of those killed is a black man. In the next page in the control room Tarō calls the Prime-minister noting on the Americans have black agents. In page 20-22 the Prime-minister Motoi is on the phone with the President of the USA. and being blackmailed with documented corruption in his government. The last panel Tarō gets a call from Prime-minister Motoi. Note in Chapter 24 page 2 they call him Prime-minister Honi when he resigns.

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