Chapter 22
Unexpected Battle
Volume 3
Chapter 21
Chapter 23
Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga chapter title,, “Unexpected Battle.”


Page 2 Yōji Itami wakes up noting most of the girls and Akira Tomita are asleap, but Rory Mercury is sitting by the window drinking. Pages 3-4 we see Rory sitting by the window then using her finger to indicate Itami should join her. Page 5 Itami joins her she asks if there is a battle near, Itami has flashback to Italica, and answers yes. Page 6-9 shows the agents battling and odd pics from the Japanese monitors in the command center. Page 10 Rory spells it out for Itami either he makes love to her or she has to go harvest souls. the next 3 pages Rory continues to vamp and Itami mentions it won't look right. Page 14 Itami's cell phone interrupts and Rory says "What a rude tool!" pages 15 to 16 we get a three way agent battle starting. Page 17 Rory joins the fight. Pages 18 to 26 follows the action. Page 27 shows Tuka Luna Marceau with her new compound bow preparing to join the fight.

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