Chapter 23
Demigoddes’ Fate
Volume 3
Chapter 22
Chapter 24
Chapter 23
Chapter 23 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There!

Manga chapter title, “Demigoddes’ Fate.” 

Risa guesses on what Itami likes about the girls

Risa's guesses as to why Itami likes the the girls.


Page 2 Lelei La Lalena, Risa, Yōji Itami, Tuka Luna Marceau see to their horror the piles of bodies. On the next page he give orders; Shino Kuribayashi and Akira Tomita to gather arms and ammunition; Lelei, Risa, and Tuka "Pack up our stuff;" and Piña Co Lada and Bozes Co Palesti "Get changed and ready to go." Page 4 Itami, Huibayashi, and Tomita pray to the spirits of the dead prior to disturbing the battlefield. Itami leads Rory off the rock she is standing on saying "Don't just bask in the afterglow get a move on," and leads her away. The next page Piña and Bozes find some weapons to take home. Itami asks for a plastic bag. Page 6 Itami washes Rory roughly. Page 7-8 we see one of the bullets in Rory removed by her body as it heals. On page 9 Rory says her body regenerates even if torn apart and that a Dimi-god can't die. in the next page Rory asks Itami to bring her her clothes unless he wants her running around naked. Page 11 Itamy decides to leave the money envelop there to be returned to the General, musing Risa would just spend it. they leave the hot springs talking, and take a van parked on the road. a drunk Kuribayashi muse that attempting to knock the man out would kill him, and Lelei puts the driver to sleep; pages 12-14. Pages 16-17 they speculate on what is going on Piña and a drunk Kuribayashi ask Itami if he knows what is going on. On the next page he says he does not know and Kuribayashi threatens him he is saved by Piña voicing her theory and contiues through page 19. Pages 20-21 the girls go to the vending machines in a turnout. Page 22 Risa speculates on Itamy's liking of the girls see illustration to right. Page 23 the girls bring back food for every one but Itami, Risa asks what he did, Itami said it's what I didn't do. Page 24 Risa organizes a flash mob to protect the girls. Next page Risa nags Itami to visit his mother. Pages 26 and 27 Piña wishes she spoke Japanese to learn more from the talk between Itami and Risa and hopes she can get to the Empire with the information.

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