Chapter 24
Ginza Garrison
Volume 3
Chapter 23
Onsen Traveling Chapter
Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga, “Ginza Garrison.”


Page 2 Prime minister Honi [in Chapter 21 it is Motoi] is hospitalized and resigns, page 3 novice reporter Nanami Kuribayashi is interviewing people for reactions to the Prime-minister's resignation in the Ginza. Page 4 Nanami prepares to do better, while the police wonder where the crowd is there. Page 5-6 Agent Graham arrives in the Ginza discusses capturing one of the girls last panel shows the large crowd gathering. Page 7 the police ask Nanami why the crowd is gathering she answers to see the girls from the special region. Pages 8-10 Yōji Itami, Risa, Lelei La Lalena, Tuka Luna Marceau, Rory Mercury, Piña Co Lada, Bozes Co Palesti, Akira Tomita, and Shino Kuribayashi are stuck in traffic, Rory Mercury gets out to walk asks directions to the Ginza. Pages 11-14 Itami and the others decide to go with Rory, prepare arms, and leave. Itami tells Risa to ditch the car and they talk a bit about his coming back. Bottom panel page 14 and page 15 show television stories and 3rd team watching the coverage. page 16 shows them turning live to Nanami, the bottom left panel shows a boy rushing Rory. Rory brings down the knob of her halberd and stops the lad with no injuries. Pagee 18 the girls lay the flowers Shino watches from the back, and Nanami recognises her big sister. The next page Shino says hi to her mom on national TV, the bottom panel the girls are in prayer and Rory asks for someone to ring a bell. Page 20 the clock tower rings and Rory says "Thank You." middle panel girls leave, bottom panel Shino says her sister can't interview the girls then goes on about being chased by Americans Russians and Chinese. page 21-22 Graham and Komakado discuss things the crowd makes kidnap impossible last panel. Page 23 world leaders face the loss as the girls cannot be kidnapped. Page 24 the crown cheers the girls farewell. Page 25 exhausted everyone sleeps outside the gate shelter. Page 26 arms are found in the bags etc. and the next page the guards allow Itami to take the guns through the gate as there is no protocol on arms confiscated from tourists. Page 28 they come out the gate on the other side and are met by Akira Yanagida who asks how they liked their vacation, told Itami the General was awaiting his report. and took charge of Piña and Bozes. Pages 29-30 Itami takes the girls home, and Tuka looks for her father to show him her purchases from Japan. Page 31 Piña and Bozes discuss the fact that war with Japan is unwinnable, and that they must strive for peace.

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