Chapter 25
Fire Dragon’s Shadow
Chapter 25
Volume 4
Onsen Traveling Chapter
Chapter 26

Chapter 25 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga title Fire Dragon’s Shadow.


Page 3 Tuka Luna Marceau has a bad dream about the Flame Dragon page 4 that is also the Chapter introductory art to the right, and Page 5 Tuka awakes sweating. Page 6 has a F-4 awakening Tuka and her getting up and looking for her absent father. Page 7 has the jet, a map of the area, and a view of the Capital of Empire. Page 8 Imperial city Sadera, Piña Co Lada's palace, and Piña behind her desk. Page 9 - 11 Piña and Hamilton Uno Ror discuss the peace conference at her desk and while she is taking a bath and getting dressed. Pages 12-13 Piña and Kōji Sugawara eat and discuss things. Pages 14- 17 remembering the night before they had dinner with Cicero La Moltose a resonable member of the war faction. Discribing his country, and delevering gifts, that astound the Senators. finally on the last panel he informs Cicero their countries are at war. Page 18 Cicero is unhapy at beeing approached and chides Pina.  Sugawara hands Cicero a piece of paper with his nephew's name on it Cicero asks if he is still alive. Page 19 they calm Cicero down and invite him to attend a prty to give the good news of returning prisoners.  Page 20 we see a hooded figure traveling the wilds. We later learn it's Yao Haa Dushi.