Chapter 26
The Brown Skinned Messenger
Volume 4
Chapter 25
Chapter 27
Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Gate- the JSDF Fought There! Manga chapter title "The Brown Skinned Messenger.” 


The introductory page has Yao Haa Dushi in traveling gear. Page 3 shows the language school teaching Japanese. Pages 4 to 6 shows the opening of the new PX and the call for help from the Formal Clan for service workers. Branching into service industry more growth. Pages 7-8 shows the growth of the town, and the need for police and guards for PX wagons traveling about. Page 9 shows the bar and grill with Delilah serving beer. Pages 10-11 Delilah serves beer to customer who has not tried it before, then kicks out a guy for grabbing her butt Pages 11-12 Yōji Itami, Sōichirō Kuwahara, Mari Kurokawa, and Rory Mercury order beers and discuss Tuka Luna Marceau's worsening mental condition. Pages 13-14 discussion continues as they watch Tuka wandering about searching for her father. Rory asks why they need to maker her acknowledge reality that her father is dead. Page 15 Rory contemplates her 960 years meetings and partings and asks if attempting to force Tuka might not drive Tuka over the edge of madness? Itami decides to leave Tuka alone and cautions Kurokawa not to interfere unless she is willing to take on the long term responsibility for Tuka. Kurokawa and Kuwahara leave Itami and Rory. Rory tells Itami to be nice to just one girl, that to girls a man who is nice to everyone is like a girl who spreads her legs to every one is to men. Itami notes she is Rory the Repper, and Rory then notes since death is the end of life she's a demigod of life. Rory asks for more beer Itami hints she's had enough.

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