Chapter 27
Yao’s Hope
Volume 4
Chapter 26
Chapter 28
Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Gate- The JSDF Fought There! chapter title, "Yao’s Hope.”


Rory Mercury and Yōji Itami continue drinking on page 3. Pages 4 - 6 is Rory's plan for seducing Itamy from telling him she wishes to spend her remaining forty years with him to passing out and getting that first kiss in bed. Page 7 Yao Haa Dushi has interrupted calling her a brat, Rory is very mad at being interrupted, the other patrons look on in terror. Page 8 we are introduced to Yao. Page 9 Rory blames Itami for forcing her to drink while the patrons and servers are in shock as is Itami. Page 10 Rory, "he was planing on using me as his plaything until I was broken." Yao, "I will not forgive a scoundrel like you!" Page 11 Yao with her sword drawn threatens punishment looks back to assure Rory. Page 12 Itami makes his escape saying to put his orders on his tab, Rory also disappears, and Yao mentions her costume and complains of her manners. Page 13 Delilah tells Yao she either orders something or leaves. Yao orders. Page 14 Yao tells she is searching for the men in green, Meia asks why, and Yao says to borrow their power and asks where to find them. The patrons thinking and you fool drew a sword on Itami. Page 15-16 she gets her food and a beer, shows the diamond mentions herself as part of the offer, when one man offers to go she says his powers are insufficient, when asked what the task is, she mentions the Flame Dragon. Pages 17 - 20 Yao recalls the arrival of the Flame Dragon in the Schwartz Woods, the sacrifices of her people, and the meeting of elders giving her this quest. Page 21 back at Alnus Bar and she answers the question of what she wants the JSDF to do, kill the Flame Dragon she asked if any of the patrons think they could do it. Page 22 Next we see her sampling her food, the bottom two pannels show the runway. Page 23 shows the pilots maning their planes. Page 24 shows Yao being woken by the noise of the jets, the next page she sees one full page. Pages 26-28 the jets play mock dog fights. Page 28 the bottom panels Yao crying says the story they heard is true. The Green men can defeat a Flame Dragon. Page 29 Discussion of things being sent to the peace mission including booze. Page 30 More political discussion Akira Yanagida is one of the two talkers the other is a unnamed diplomat. Page 31 Itami and his team load the helicopter, and it takes off. Page 32 Itami gives advice to the diplomat on footwear, bottom panel Yao sees the helicopter. Page 33 Yao runs towards Alnus more convinced than ever that the men in green can help her people.

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