Chapter 28
Yao’s Despair
Volume 4
Chapter 27
Chapter 29
Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Gate - The JSDF Fought There! Manga chapter title “Yao’s Despair.”


Page 1 is shown to the right. Page 2 Yao Haa Dushi runs to find People in Green and remembers Itami in the green spotted clothing. Page 3 Yao attempts to communicate with a group of Japanese telling her story, in the next page the Japanese prove they cannot speak her language just know a few words. she wanders Alnus trying to talk to the Japanese. Page 5 a guy lures Yao to the woods saying he can communicate with the Japanese attempts to assault Yao gets a crotch ache, and loses his purse for his trouble. Page 6 shows the PX wagons and warehouses. Bottom panel another guy chats up Yao. Page 7 Yao looks at his crotch and says his thing is too small, middle panel she looks at Wolf's crotch gets embarrassed and says sorry. Bottom panel she looks at some satin cloth. Pages 8-9 the merchant unsuccessfully trys to buy satin. Yao suggests how it might happen. Page 11 Yao enters the PX, funny holding a roll of toilet paper wonders what this is. Page 12 Yao sees Meia talking to the Men in Green asks how and is shown the book. Pages 13-14 Yao begs to buy the book but Meia can't sell it. Last panels the MPs come in asking if there is a problem. Pages 15-16 MPs had complaint of silver haired caramel colored elf wearing black leather and ask Yao to come down to the station, Yao is delighted, Meia thinks there is a big misunderstanding. Lat panel show the woods. Pages 17-22 shows Lelei La Lalena's big magic using both magic and Chemistry of Japan's world. Cato El Altestan praises her efforts. Pages 23-26 Lelei explains her use of chemistry in her magic to Cato the last page Cato says she is ready for a doctorate in Magic, and they have a visitor, a MP. Page 27 we see Yao sad in detention unable to communicate with the MPs. Page 28 Lelei comes in after being told the MPs can't trust their translation of Yao's tale, she enters the room and asks Yao to tell her story. Page 29 The man who lost his purse to Yao is taken in by Myuute Luna Sires and Rory Mercury and he soon confesses to assaulting Yao the MPs have Lelei tell Yao she is free to go. Page 30 Yao tells of the flame dragon and asks Lelei's help talking to the Japanese to someone influential. Page 31-32 Lelei takes her to Lieutenant General Kōichirō Hazama looks at the diamond on his desk listening to Yao. 33 they get out a map to see where the Schwartz Woods are. Page 34 Hazama says Sorry you came so far we cannot lend you our strength.

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