Chapter 29
The First Step to Peace
Volume 4
Chapter 28
Chapter 30
Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Gate- the JSDF Fought there! Manga chapter title “The First Step to Peace.”


Page 1 it is now pouring rain and Yao Haa Dushi's mood is down like the weather. Kōichirō Hazama explains the first fight was a small group and he cannot order such a small group to risk their lives. Lelei La Lalena is still translating for Hazama. Page 2 Hazama explains he cannot send his army into another country and Schwartz Wood is in the country of Elbe. Page 3 is the introductory page shown at right. Page 4 Akira Yanagida drives Lelei and Yao back to Alnus and mentions Itami might do it if motivated. Pages 5-6 shows the Rose Knights getting Risa'a latest novel and the Japanese butler thinking how corrupt the knights are. Page 7 shows the Japanese from the meeting with Yao enter the commissary see the fake butler, and Yao. Page 8-10 Delilah brings tea for Yao, Lelei explains it's Saint John's Wort tea for depression. Yao asks if it was mistranslated, Lelei says no it was the truth. Page 11 a very sad Yao continues to be sad. Page 12 Delilah talks to the cook about the sad situation, the cook notes her side job, spy for Clan Formal, better not cause problems for him. Pages 13-18 the Japanese at the table next to Lelei and Yao mention Itami again in removing the Dragon, and discuss politics on Earth, mentioning Yao's sadness. Page 19-20 Delilah suggests Yao stay at the Dorm and tells her the way, she meets Tuka luna Marceau who is getting her room ready as Lelei told her to expect Yao. Pages 21-22 views of the Empire's capital and South Palace. Page 23-24 Rape scene Tyuule raped by Zorzal El Caesar.

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