Chapter 3
Tuka and Flame Dragon
Chapter 3
Volume 1
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Chapter 3 of the Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! manga chapter title, "Tuka and Flame Dragon"


In her unconscious state, the female elf began to recall back what had happened before the Third Recon Team saved her from the well. A Flame Dragon appeared unexpectedly over the village of Koan when Tuka Luna Marceau was sleeping. When Hodor Rei Marceau told her to flee, she decided to take up arms instead, claiming that having another able warrior would be better than trying to escape from the virtually inescapable Flame Dragon.

The battle was a one sided slaughter as the elves were taken out one after another by the great beast which scales prove to be impenetrable by the use of elf weapons and magic until an arrow shot by Hodor when trying to save his daughter managed to blind the Flame Dragon in the left eye. Realizing that he had actually enraged the dragon, Hodor pushed Tuka into a nearby well where she stayed until the bucket thrown down by Itami Youji hit her right on her forehead and knocked her out as a result.

The Third Recon Team tried to put in their best efforts to try and revitalize the unconscious female elf though most of the members, like Kurata Takeo who had his camera at the ready, was simply there to gawk at the fantasy creature which earned them the ire of Kurokawa Mari. Having confirmed that the elf was in no immediate danger Itami decided to bring her along as they retraced their steps back to Alnus by passing through Coda Village though Kurokawa didn't forget to take a verbal jab at Itami that his underlying motive of bringing the elf along might actually had stemmed from his Otaku tendencies.

The Village Chief of Coda was shocked to hear about how the elves' settlement had been burnt to the ground and was deathly afraid when Itami described to him about the dragon he saw which he realized to be the Flame Dragon itself. Itami was wondering what had caused the villagers to be in a panic when the Village Chief explained that a Flame Dragon which had tasted the flesh of elves or humans would more likely to attack any nearby settlements around Koan and Coda was one such settlement.

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