Chapter 30
The Arrogant Prince
Volume 4
Chapter 29
Chapter 31
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Chapter 30 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga chapter title, "The Arrogant Prince."


Page 1 introduction is too graphic link to right. Pages 2-3 the rape of Tyuule by Zorzal El Caesar continues. Page 4 Internal Minister Marcus discuss his relationship with a beast woman. Page 5 more on Zorzal fooling Tyuule by murdering and enslaving her people when she gave herself to him to save them. Marcus gets to the point about the Senate. Page 6 Marcus elaborates saying that there are prisoners beyond the gate. Page 7 Zorzal asks why inform him Marcus answers his father does not need a fight with the Senate just now. Zorzal leaves with his cavalry escort for the meeting. Page 8 Zorzal and party ride away, Marcus muses that he is a fool. Pages 9-10 The Imperial Gardens and a Garden party shown. Page 11 Piña Co Lada introduces Kōji Sugawara to prominent guests. Page 12 Pina and Sugawara discuss Clan Formal's help with the party, and that only human maids uses. Page 13 Hitoshi Furuta cooking at the party see Gallery.  Page 14 Sugawara notes Yōji Itami is the perfect for breaking the ice at the party. Pages 15-16 Sherry Tyueli meets Sugawara about a pearl neckless. Page 17 Pina ponders Itami. Page 18-20 Senators shooting the Type 64 rifle and Cicero La Moltose asks how they are made or can they be obtained. Page 20-22 Itami answerers he does not know how they are made and they are not for sale. He then proceeds with the demonstration of the mortars. Page 23 Dussie asks the mortar's range the number of guns the JSDF has. Itami answerers 3 leagues Page 24 Itami notes one rifle per person is a good guess. Page 25 Dussie why is Japan seeking peace when she can win any battle with us? Sugawara because our natation desires peace above all else.


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