Chapter 30
The Arrogant Prince
Volume 4
Chapter 29
Chapter 31
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Link to introductory art Chapter 30:

Chapter 30 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga chapter title, "The Arrogant Prince."


Page 1 introduction is too graphic link to right. Pages 2-3 the rape of Tyuule by Zorzal El Caesar continues. Page 4 Internal Minister Marcus discuss his relationship with a beast woman. Page 5 more on Zorzal fooling Tyuule by murdering and enslaving her people when she gave herself to him to save them. Marcus gets to the point about the Senate. Page 6 Marcus elaborates saying that there are prisoners beyond the gate. Page 7 Zorzal asks why in form him Marcus answers his father does not need a fight with the Senate just now. Zorzal leaves with his cavalry escort for the meeting. Short chapter?

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