Chapter 31
Earth Shaking Night
Volume 4
Chapter 30
Thriving Business Chapter
Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Gate erms- Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga chapter title is, "Earth Shaking Night."


Page 1 at right. Page 2 Peace? Cicero La Moltose and Dussie muse the only peace the Empire has known is after one of our conquests, what are Japan's terms? Page 3 Kōji Sugawara delivers harsh terms including 500 million gold Suwani cede the land around Alnus hill, punish those responsible for the war, and a trade treaty. Both Cicero and Dussie are shocked. Page 4 Piña Co Lada shocked asks herself if she brought a demon home. She asks Sugawara why not just attack the empire and be done with it? Page 5 Sugawara asks is 500 Million Gold Suwani too much he arrived at the figure using the exchange rate and Japan's anual budget. Piña faints. Cicero and Dussie muse on Japan's huge to them budget. A discussion of coins is given. Page 6 Sugawara realizes the amount is too much and backpedels on it. Dussie says the 500 million was a start in negotiations. Page 7-8 Negociations continue in top panel while Yōji Itami attends to the prostrate Piña. Piña awakes and the next page begs Itami to forgive her for his ruff treatmens by her knights. Itami forgives her. Page 9 - 10 Piña cries and hugs itami until at the bottom of the next page Itami gets a radio call. Page 11 Prince Zorzal El Caesar and his band of cavalry are spotted, Itami informs Piña. Page 12-13 Itami begins the evacuation of the Senators in the backs of military vehicles. Page 14 when Zorzal arrives it's a peaceful ladies garden party. Page 15-18 all Zorzal finds is good food. Page 19 Zorzal asks Piña why he was not invited, and she tells him she did not think he would enjoy a ladies party. Page 20 Zorzal and most of the guests leave. Zorzal with as much of the food as they can carry. Pages 21-23 Piña and Sugawara have a long talk on the politics of peace between Japan and the Empire. Page 24 Marcus and Emperor Molt Sol Augustus discuss the peace talks, and Zorzal's failure to catch the peace Senators.

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