Chapter 32
The Heart of Empire
Volume 5
Thriving Business Chapter
Chapter 33
Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Manga chapter title "The Heart of Empire."


These notes come from most pages are double, and the "a" is the right hand page while the "b" is the left hand page. I kept the pagination of the source to eliminate confusion.

Page 1 shows the Knights fighting over Tomita's photo, lower Tuka Luna Marceau gets message to meet carpenter in the woods. Page 2a shows Yao Haa Dushi telling Tuka her father is dead. Page 2b is the introductory photo to the right. Pages 3a & 3b show the JSDF infiltrating the capital of the Empire through the Akusho (Red Light) district. Pages 4a & 4b Describe the District South East quarter of the Capital a slum. Page 5a Shows the crime lords of the District meeting and Bessara decides to teach the Japanes new comers their manners 5b shows his men preparing to attack. Pages 6 a&b and 7 a&b show the fight as Bessara's mob is wiped out. Pages 8a & 8b Bessara flees home and the Japanese look over their handy work. Pages 9a & 9b show Bessara ans his family murdered, and his mansion destroyed by the Japanese. Page 10a shows the crime lords deciding to leave the JSDF alone, while 10b shows the prostitutes talking about the Japanese. Pages 11 & 12 Mizari goes to the JSDF building to see the nurse to buy condoms and meets Mari Kurokawa. Kurokawa checks Mizari Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) being "naughty girls." and the last panels she asks if Mizari had heard of Alnus. Page 13a Mizari notes she has no skills other than opening her legs for men and enjoying it. Kurokawa remembers Yōji Itami's injuction on never starting anything you can't finish. Page 13 b shows the JSDF at nite, and a knock at the door. Page 14 the knock is Mizari and a group of beast girl prostitutes. Kurokawa asks what is going on. Page 15 Mizari introduces Tyuwal who tells Kurokawa she's got the shivers, and Kurokawa sends for Sargent Major Sōichirō Kuwahara and Major Nuytabara. Page 16 The Major listens to Tyual has a flashback to the Kobe Quake and issues orders to prepare for an earth quake and inform other units. Page 17a Rory Mercury is awoken by Myuute Luna Sires, also a siren descended from birds and feels the approaching quake. A jeep drives through Alnus announcing the pending quake. Page 17b Itami brings Piña Co Lada and her household to safety. Page 18 that night the earth shook.


Parna or Bessara bunny girl

Some think the bunny girl who flees with Bessara may be Parna and thus dead. I have to eat a little crow on the art I thought the Right ear was white on the lower Parna pic. but it is the inside of the ear that shows black fur on the outside, so this may be Parna.

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