Chapter 33
Kuribayashi’s Wild Dance.
Volume 5
Chapter 32
Chapter 34
Chapter 33

Note two page spread of introductory art click on image to see larger pic.

Chapter 33 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! Chapter title "Kuribayashi’s Wild Dance."


Page 1 at Alnus pre quake, page 2 Quake hits Alnus, and page 3 quake hits Imperial Capital., Page 4a&b to right. Page 5 shows quake with princess Piña Co Lada and Hamilton Uno Ror. Page 6 Piña notices Yōji Itami and Kōji Sugawara stand unconcerned during the quake. While Shino Kuribayashi calms Piña's guards. Page 7 Itamy asks Piña if she is alright, saying such things are common in Japan. Page 8 Piña asks if the earth will shake again, Itami says there will probably be after shocks. Page 9 Piña asks Itami and Sugawara if they will accompany her to the Imperial palace, Itami says no seeing Sugawara shaking his head no, and starts to explain "Your father is the Emperor ..." Page 10 Piña pulls Itami with her. Page 11a&b shows the party going through the Imperial palace. Page12 they have not been challenged, and continue through the palace. Itam notes it looks like a "Demon Lord's Castle." Page 13 Piña is shocked no guards in her father's bedroom. Page 14 Piña asks her father to get ready and come to the Audience Chamber. Emperor Molt Sol Augustus is impressed that Piña was the first of his children to attend him. Pages 15-16 Piña further impresses her father giving orders to restore order, and gather the appropriate officials and officers. in the last panels he asks about the Japanese. Page 17 Piña introduces the Japanese who bow or salute the Emperor. Page 18 At first the Emperor is displeased to have envoys from Japan in his palace, but when Piña mentions she brought them for advice on earthquakes and that the earth may shake again he greeted Sugawara. Page 19 and 20 the Emperor and Sugawara have a conversation. Page 21 Zorzal El Caesar makes a dramatic entrance asking for his father. Page 22 show Zorzal's sex slaves being drug in by chains attached to neck collars. Page 23 shows Zorzal announcing there may be more earth shakes. He mentions the information came from Noriko, (Noriko Mochizuki) a captured Japanese citizen. Page 24 Itami and Sugawara realice Noriko is Japanese as Piña tries to calm her brother down. Page 25 shows the poor naked girl, and Zorzal crowing she is a surviver of those brought through the Gate. Page 26 Itami socks Zorzal.

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