Chapter 34
Trembling Day
Volume 5
Chapter 33
Chapter 35
Chapter 34

No official introductory art this is page 1.

Chapter 34 Gate -Thus the JDF Fought There, manga chapter title "Trembling Day."


Page 1 (seen right) and page 2 shows Yōji Itami punching Zorzal El Caesar and Zorzal laid out on the floor. the top panes show Piña Co Lada, Kōji Sugawara, Akira Tomita, Shino Kuribayashi, Molt Sol Augustus, and Zorzal's retainers look on in shock Page 3 Itami is waving his hand asking if Zorzal is made of stone, and Zorzal is incised anyone dared hit a prince. Page 4 Kuribayashi runs to help Noriko Mochizuki. Page 5 Kuribayashi cuts off her collar, and Sugawara covers her nakedness with his suit coat. Sugawara glares the Emperor saying, "Your Imperial Highness," Page 6 Sugawara demands an explanation from Princess Piña and Emperor Mott. Page 7 Piña is still trying to calm things down but Zorzal is having none of it. Page 8 Zorzal threatens Itami with a horrible death, Itami orders Tomita and Kuribayashi to escort the freed prisoner. Page 9 Itami gives free fire order, just before the Price's minions attack. Pages 10 - 14 shows Kuribayashi using her bayonette to telling effect. The last panels of page 14 Itami points his pistol at Zorzal and asks about other prisoners. Page 15 Zorzal is unimpressed with Itami's pistol, his men gather to fight together rather than singularly, and threaten to skewer Kurobayashi. Page 16 a determined Kurobayashi starts shooting. Page 17 the Prince's Minions die, Emperor Mott and Prince Zorzal are shocked at the effectiveness of modern weapons. Page 18 Kurobayashi shoots one man right through the high quality breast plate. Page 19 seeing this Prince Zorzal asks what is this magic? Page 20 Kurobayashi changes the magazine and asks, "Next?" of Zorzal's now terrified minions. Page 21 Zorzal's minions flee the audience room. Zorzal wonders if the pistol in Itami's hand is like the rifle. Page 22 Itami again asks about other prisoners. Page 23 Zorzal is defiant again, and Piña asks him to quit being stupid, Zorzal notes her concubine birth and says know your place. Page 24 Itami asks Kurobayashi to ask him.

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