Chapter 36
Noriko’s Return
Chapter 35
Chapter 37
Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! manga chapter title, "Noriko’s Return ."


Wolf and Rory find Tuka

Rory and Wolf take Tuka home after Yao distresses her.

Chapter starts with ruins of the Imperial Senate then General Kōichirō Hazama wonders how this will effect relations with the empire. Page 3 is the Introductory page see right. Debate continues page 6 has Zorzal El Caesar saying the earthshake caused him to fall down stairs rather than admit Shino Kuribayashi beat him up before the Imperial Senate. Piña Co Lada answers the question of why the Japanese would be this upset over one person. She talks through page 12. Zorzal returns home and faints is put to bed where he talks with his brother Diabo. Page 17 has Tyuule giving a report on the surviving Japanese. the confrence between Brothers continues Diabo leaving when Zorzal brings Tyuule into his bed. Page 20 sees us back in Alnus where Rory Mercury asks Wolf why his men allowed a robbery at the warehouse. next page Wolf gives his excuse and Tuka Luna Marceau asks Roy where her father is as she hasn't seen him since the quake. Tuka runs into the woods where Yao Haa Dushi tells her her father is dead. Rory and Wolf find her, very upset.

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