Chapter 40
The JSDF Moving Out
Volume 6
Chapter 39
Chapter 41
Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! manga chapter The "JSDF Moving Out."


Page 2 Delilah lights candles to the gods and page 3 right pledges her body to the fight. Page 4 she bows before the alter. Page 5 Begins the history of the Warrior Bunnies who lived on the northern planes. Page 6 female constitute the majority of children, they mate with those of other races they find interesting. Page 7 A queen comes from mating a male warrior bunny with a female, like Tyuule. Page 8 Delilah won't rest until she kills her for her betrayal of the warriors. Page 9 the War with the Empire starts, page 10 the empire wins. Pages 11-12 the Empire announces slavery or death policy for the Warrior Bunnies. Page 13 Delilah escapes and with Griine and Parna. Page 14 selling their bodies to eat they continue until Parna cuts of an ear tip and goes to find a master. Page 15-16 out of hope at the base of a Rory Mercury statue they are found by the head made of Clan Formal. Although poor thanks to Colt the head of Clan Formal the bunnies have a home. Page 17 the war with Japan came, some of the maids are sent to Alnus, page 18 Delilah is to spy on the Japanese. Page 19 Delilah is now head waitress with a room of her own and a padded bed! Page 20 a naked Delilah thinks it's a dream last panel is Warrior Bunny Delilah. Page 21-23 Akira Yanagida smothes the paperwork out. Pages 24-28 Yanagida takes it to General Kōichirō Hazama and his officers they discuss helping Itami the last panel he ask Yanagida if he speaks the local language. Pages 29-34 Yanagida and Duran negotiate permission for Itami to go to his country, and an armed force, and mineral and tax concessions. Page 35 Noriko Mochizuki is sitting at the hospital smoking in depression. Page 36 Noriko remembers being told her family is missing. Page 37 she is putting out a cigarette saying I'd be better if I just died. Page 38 enter Warrior Bunny Delilah happy Noriko wishes to die. Page 39 Noriko I don't want to hurt, Delilah I don't know how not to make it hurt. Page 40 Noriko says Delilah is just like Tyuule. Yanagida notices the drama. Page 41 Yanagida asks "What are you doing here?" He and Delilah face off. Pages 42-47 Battle is joined Yanagida and Delilah are both wounded, Yanagida yelling, "Shit!"

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