Chapter 42
[Dark Elves Welcome a Dragon Fight?]
Volume 7
Base Affairs Chapter
Chapter 43
Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! title [Dark Elves Welcome a Dragon Fight?]


First five pages JSDF moves out of Alnus king Duran of Elbe with them. Yao Haa Dushi meets with the elders of the Dark Elves in a cave 6 pages mostly Yao feeling guilty. On the canyon rim the Flame Dragon eats one of the elves. Twenty pages of battling the dragon. JSDF fords Roma River near Deabis' bridge not allowed to use the bridge. River dwelling humanoids ask compensation as the motors on the rafts are scaring away their fish. Starting page 35 until end eating and talking with the Dark Elves.

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