Chapter 45
[Killing the Fire Dragon?]
Volume 7
Chapter 44
Marutto Gate Extracurricular Time Chapter
Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! manga title [Killing the Fire Dragon?]


Page 1 showing Tuka Luna Marceau and the Flame Dragon's shadow on the cave wall of Introductory art to the right. Page 2 shows smoke from the Volcano from the fight with the Flame Dragon. Page 3 Yōji Itami wakes up wanting water. Page 4-5 he speaks to Saymy then realizes she's dead, and only the upper part of her body is with him, then next page he closes her eyes. Pages 6-8 Itami wonders if he was hit in the fight. muses at losing half of the Elves. Page 9 Lelei is using magic to hit the Flame Dragon with a sword. Pages 10-11 Lelei conclude speed is not enough to penetrate the dragon's scales. Itami finds the detonator and thinks he will now kill the dragon only to discover the line is cut. Pages 12-13 Yao the flame dragon is scared. Fen Crow keep it distracted As the flame dragon burns Fen Itami calls his name. Pages 14-15 Itami cries at fen's corpse you fool, then finds and repairs the broken line. Pages 16-18 Lelei remembers Itami's saying the explosion of the C-4 would drive the swords through the Flame Dragon She combines the two world's magic with her sword and it penetrates. Pages 19-24 Lelei sends all the swords axes and spears at the Flame Dragon. Take that you stupid lizard Lelei says. The dragon is wounded. One of the Dark Elves attacks with a sword, Itami stops Yao. Pages 25-26 Itami rescues Lelei and runs away with Yao. Tuka sees and cries Father died. Pages 27-34 Tuka uses elf magic a bolt of lightning to hit the flame dragon. Many panels of the dragon writhing Page 35 Itami warns all to run still carrying Lelei. Pages 36 the explosion has cause the shelf the dragon's nest is on to collapse, Tuka looses her footing. Page 37 Itami and Yao pull Tuka to safety. Page 38 They are alive and running Itamy, Lelei, Yao, and ... page 39 Tuka who has avenged her father. 40-41 everyone is exhausted Itami asks if everyone is all right Rory's voice asks what kept you? Pages 42-43 Rory is a torn rag doll. Itami asks what happened to you? Pages 44 About that Rory says, we see Giselle in fog saying "You've grown weak sister actually caring for people." Page 45 We see Giselle and her pet flame dragons. Page 46 Giselle says it's time to leave. Rory says "Oh shut it, I'm not going anywhere."