Chapter 54
[The La Lenea Sisters' Duel?]
Volume 10
Chapter 53
Chapter 55
Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! manga title [The La Lenea Sisters' Duel?]


Page 1 introductory art showing Rory Mercury in foreground and Yōji Itami in the background. Page 2 shows Arpeggio El Lelena's eyes and the crowd, and page 3 crowd talks about the fight. Page 4 crowd speculations and Arpeggio's inner dialogue. Page 5 Itami wonders if he did something. Page 6 background we see Yao Ro Dushi, Mimoza La Mer, Itami, and Tuka Luna Marceau in the mid distance Arpeggio and Lelei are in front separated by Rory with the crowd surrounding them. Rory gives the rules of the match. Page 7 shows Arpeggio and Lelei using their protective magic while Rory continues the rules, then announces the begging of the duel. Page 8-10 views of the beginning of the fight. Mimoza discusses Arpegeio's weapon with Itami.


Chapter 54 is 54.1 on Taadd

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