Chapter 56
[First Battle of Jade Palace?]
Volume unknown
Chapter 64
Chapter 66
Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! manga title [First Battle of Jade Palace?].


Page 1 the introductory page at right. Pages 2 - 7 The Rose-Order of Knights face off with the Oprichnina. The leaders; Beefeater E Caty of the Rose-order of Knights and Gimlet of the Oprichnina, harangue their troops. Pages 8-12 the fighting. Pages 13-19 Sherry Tyueli and Kōji Sugawara discuss the watching of people dying for them. Pages 20-23 the Oprichnina is driven off, a knight tries to crossbow Gimlet but another Oprichnina rides between and is killed. Pages 24-25 The Japanese allow the wounded into Jade Palace. Page 26 Marquis Casel tells Sherry and his son in law (Sugawara) to go inside. Page 27-32 top panel Tarō Kanō and Minister of Foreign affairs Natsume persuades Prime Minister Morita to allow the JSDF to rescue those in Jade Palace and the Peace Senators from Prison. Page 32 lower panels-35 Shandy Gaff Marea Follows Nola but losses her but finds the man the bellboys form Rondel described. She talks with the man who tells of the battle with the Rose-Order of Knights against the Oprichnina.

Reference where you can read it and follow the page numbers.


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