Cicero La Moltose
Cicero anime
Character Information
Kanji キケロ・ラー・マルトゥス
Romaji Kikero Rā Marutusu
Biographical Information
Race Human
Age Elderly
Gender Male
Title(s) Lord
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Senator
Affiliation JSDF


Location Empire
Voiced by Susumu Akagi

Cicero La Moltose (キケロ・ラー・マルトゥス, Kikero Rā Marutusu) is an important member of Moltose Family that has existed since the creation of the Empire. He wields much authority among the senators. He is also a former member of the Pro-war faction since he changes side to Pro-Peace faction after witnessing the overwhelming technological power of the JSDF..


As a senator he is very good at giving a speech. Cicero is a very wise old man and one of the few who can be reasoned with. He is fascinated by products from Japan. Being a noble who has seen many precious things of Special Region, he can understand the splendor of those foreign products, born from the difference of technological gap and the social norm of the two worlds. He is most likely an intellectual, being a worshipper of La.

Like his Emperor, Cicero was initially arrogant as he was confident that the Empire would not lose to Japan. This changed when Cicero and the rest of the Empire's pro-peace faction witnessed the destructive capabilities of the JSDF weapons in action. Like Piña, he understood the Empire would be annihilated unless they accept Japan's offer and conditions, for peace. Furthermore, he also shares Pina wise thinking and pragmatism since he ferociously asks Itami to sell him guns as well as reveal the method of making firearms to the Empire only to be declined by Itami to keep the superiority of JSDF in the Special Region.

Cicero also seems to care greatly for his family where he chose to join the pro-peace faction when he learnt that his nephew, from his wife's side, is alive and would be released as long as he does not interfere.

As a senator, Cicero seems to show a strong mettle where, instead of choosing to flee during the Empire's Oprichnina, he instead chose to adhere to his duties and stay in the capital and let himself be arrested by the Cleaners while being prepared of the repercussions of his decision. Cicero also doesn't seem to be too distraught when his nephew, who he had saved, had chose to side with Zorzal where the senator mentions, to his peers, that he is an adult that is capable of making decisions for himself. However, Cicero still states that his nephew is a fool for siding with the pro-war to cause damages for the Empire in the long run and quite anger of the fact he confiscates his entire assert to fund the pro-war effort.

He seems to be quite racist against demi-human since he states that Court Formal hires demi-human maids as a lack of taste. However, after being served by them in Italica, he admits that his racism was wrong and praises that demi-human maids are far superior than human maids showing that at least he is open-minded.


Cicero has an appearance of an elderly man. He has short blonde hair. He is usually seen wearing clothes of a noble.


Cicero La Maltose was a member of the Maltose family, one of the founders of the Empire. However, it was merely a branch of a famous family, and it was among the lowest-ranked among the Imperial peerage. However, he had exceptional debating and leadership abilities, and as a Senator, he had a significant amount of political pull. Since there were other Maltoses in the Senate, they called him Lord Cicero to avoid confusion.


Cicero was first seen discussing matters about Japan. When Kouji showed him products from Japan and he was completely amazed by them.

Skills & Abilities 


  • Cicero is possibly named after the Roman philosopher Cicero.