Originally, it composed of four families which were the Gonzori family, the Medusa family, the Paramount family, and the Bessara family. Akusho, located in the Imperial Capital's south-eastern district and considered to be the lowest level in the capital where in short a slum, was where of the some JSDF soldiers were stationed at. Because the JSDF had provided charitable acts to the locals, thus created a positive influence, it quickly caught the crime lords’ attention. It was where Bessara then volunteered to attack the JSDF to steal their wealth; it was later revealed that Bessara was lured into a trap by the other three families, who already contacted the JSDF beforehand, where the JSDF were forewarned of Bessara’s attack. Thus, the entire Bessara family was wiped out by the JSDF and Bessara himself was killed by the thugs sent by the other three families. Now it consists of three families that accepted the job from the JSDF to send their minions to spy on the Empire’s nobles, where much gossip was gathered and sent to the JSDF for their use; being uncaring for whatever happens to the Empire, the crime lords had no qualms in working for who would be considered the Empire’s enemy. Gaining Bessara’s territories, witnessing the overwhelming military power of the JSDF, and receiving good pay for their cooperation against the Empire, the crime lords had unanimously agreed to see the JSDF as business partners rather than competitors, making things running smoothly for the JSDF soldiers as they could do whatever they pleased in Akusho.


All four crime lords of Akutsho

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