The Dimensional Gate or Dimensional Portal is theoretically artificial dimensional gate that can potentially connect between the Earth and others world, especially Special Region. Due to the fact the Gate only opens in Japan, most of superpower like US, China or Russia begin to pour resources to build their own version of the Gate in the form of Dimensional Gate by utilizing quantum physic so they no longer have to rely on Japan for the Gate and expand their agenda unopposed.

So far, the research and development of dimensional gate meets with little success due to the complex science principle behinds its. The recent and little success of dimensional gate is in the US in which the experimental dimensional gate only can open a little fabric of space and time to connect to somewhere in Special Region not before being overloaded and exploded. Furthermore, the mathematics algorithm to pinpoint the location of where the Dimensional Gate will open still under development since the experimental Dimensional Gate opens in random locations rather than desired location.

According to one US official in NASA, the Dimensional Gate is potentially not only enable people from Earth to travel to Special Region but also enable mankind to colonize others planets in the solar system.

The drawback of the Dimensional Gate is similar to the Gate since it can cause catastrophic events in two worlds that connected to each others due to the fact the stream of space and time cannot resist the flow of space and time for too long. Therefore, if the two worlds connect to each others for too long it will cause the instability of space and time, which creating disasters to two connected world. The Earthquake in the Special Region is one of the example.

Chapter 58 Page 24

Chapter 58 Page 24 illustration of how Hardy creates a "Gate" between worlds.

The Goddess Hardy in manga chapter 58 pages 23 - 25, see [1], gives the following explanation:

Hardy, "The world is like a stream that begins flowing at the dawn of time. Countless streams flow across the chaotic planes of space-time. They meander through the mountains and valleys and get close to other streams when they get small. And if you apply just a little power there the two worlds come in contact, creating the "gate." After some time they split apart again and head towards their respective destinations. The "gate" on Alnus was originally a small hole connecting the two worlds, but the magicians came and created a magic device to keep the "gate" open. You could think of it as anchoring a ship to a stone wharf. Do you understand that?"

Itami, "I see."

Hardy, "Time keeps flowing however, while the ship is tied down and can't move, it keeps trying to move regardless. It cannot resist the flow in the end. So what happens then? It growns ... and it creaks ... and it cracks. Cracks begin to appear on the wharf as well .. heheh."

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