Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Humanoid
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Information
Job(s) Maid
Affiliation Formal Clan
Location Special Region, Alnus

Dora is a fox-like Humanoid and a Maid of Clan Formal.


She has a kind and friendly personality. She is proud of her tail fur and likes to comb it. She was very embarrassed when the use of a certain liquid soap caused baldness on her tail.


After the Siege of Italica, Dora, Delilah, Meldie, and Shiva were sent to Alnus by the Head Maid of Clan Formal. The Head Maid told them that the community there had sent another request for workers and they were to depart the following day.

She is working in Alnus as a Waitress.



  • Dora's full appearance was never revealed in the anime. However, her name was mentioned various times whenever the other characters, such as Rory and Itami, visiting the Inn.

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