Dragons are among a number of animal species similar to monsters in Western mythology discovered in the Special Region. The region appears to play host to multiple species of dragon. All the dragons encountered thus far by the Japan Self-Defense Forces share the same six-limbed (four legs and two wings) body plan, hard scales and powerful jaws containing rows of sharp teeth. Dragons in the Special Region are believed to have an exclusively carnivorous diet, presumably preying on large animals, including Humanoids and even smaller dragons.

Known Species

Common Dragon

The Common Dragon, also known to referred to as "flying dragons" by residents of the Special region, are by far the most common dragon species in the Special Region, and are the only ones known to have been domesticated by the Empire. These dragons are used as mounts for specially-trained soldiers of the Empire. These dragons appear to be trained to swoop down on enemy troops and attack with their claws and teeth, as well as allow the rider to impale enemies on their lance. It is unclear whether the flying dragons are capable of breathing fire like their larger cousins, the Flame Dragon. However, the presence of dragons near a burning building at the (anime version) Battle of Ginza suggest they may be capable of breathing flames, albeit with a much lower intensity than a Flame Dragon. The scales of flying dragons are very hard, capable of resisting small arms fire, though .50 caliber machine gun fire and larger weapons will easily bring them down. 35mm anti-aircraft autocannons are known to be particularly effective, as seen in the Battle of Alnus Hill. In the Manga and Light Novels many translators call them wyvern. A wyvern has two wings and two legs, most dragons have four limbs and two wings.

Flame Dragon

The Flame Dragon is the largest and rarest species of dragon found in the Special Region, with only one adult and two juvenile half-breeds encountered thus far. Flame Dragons represent the apex predator of the Special Region and are known to be extremely aggressive, capable of destroying entire settlements. The species is known to be extremely and hibernate for periods of up to 50 years before becoming active to feed and reproduce. Flame Dragons possess large wings, allowing them to fly at high speeds, as well as hover like a helicopter or VTOL aircraft. The main distinguishing feature is their ability to breath flames with firepower rivaling an air-dropped napalm weapon, as well as their thick scales, which boast a hardness similar to tungsten and can resist practically any weapons used in the Special Region, as well as .50 caliber machine gun fire, shrapnel, autocannon fire, and other light to mid-caliber vehicle-mounted weapons. Only anti-tank weapons, artillery, and other heavy ordnance are capable of killing a flame dragon. The only flame dragon encountered in the Special Region was killed by the combined efforts of Yōji Itami, Lelei La Lalena, and Tuka Luna Marceau, using C-4 explosives detonated with Tuka's lightning magic. Flame Dragons have not been tamed by anyone other than Giselle, an apostle and member of the Dragonoid race of humanoids. They are implied to possess some sort of mental connection with dragons, or simply a greater knowledge of dragon behavior, allowing them to tame even the Flame Dragon.

Water Dragon

Water dragons are stated to exist by Giselle and a water dragon is said to have been the mother of the two flame/water dragon hybrids she used in her failed attempt to attack Yōji Itami and Rory Mercury at the Battle of Mount Tube. While they have not been encountered by the JSDF, they can be assumed to be an aquatic species, possibly similar to the sea monsters of myth.

Hybrid Dragons

Giselle bred two hybrids of flame and water dragons, which she named Mowto and Towato. These two dragons mostly share the anatomy of the flame dragons, though they were much smaller as they were still juveniles at the time of their deaths. Giselle attempted to use the dragons to attack Yoji Itami and Rory Mercury, but this was prevented when the JSDF arrived, killing the dragons with artillery and air-launched missile fire.

Taming Dragon

The process of taming dragons is unclear for both common dragons and ancient dragons. For common dragons, the Empire has a huge battalion of tamed dragons showing that taming a common dragon is not so difficult for humans. However, for ancient dragons like the Flame Dragon, Giselle states that the process is highly difficult and troublesome even for the Draconian clan, which specializes in taming all kinds of dragons.


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