Character Information
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Professional Information

Dulles is a ruthless and cowardly Oprichina's commander who in charge of observing the captivity of Matsui Fuyuki during the rescue operation of Matsui Fuyuki by the JSDF and Delilah. During the operation, he is shown to be indifferent to the hierarchy of command in Imperial Army since he often try to be the superior of Centurion Borhos and general Godasen as well as showing no concern about their well-being much to the annoyance and frustration of Borhos and Godasen.

After Delilah and Izumo's special squad takes Godasen hostage as well as intimidating Borhos with a sniper shot that kills his soldier who try to cut off Fuyuki's finger in retaliation of Delilah's action, he commands his troop to shoot arrow at Delilah, Izumo team without taking Godasen's life and Borhos's army authority in consideration since he states Godasen is willing to sacrifice his life so Delilah and Izumo's team will be killed or else his family will be kicked out of the street and asset will be seized and he will be dishonored across the Empire. After manages to injure Godasen and some JSDF members with their arrow, Izumo and the rest of his team open fire and throw grenades at the surrounding soldiers causing massive casualties and mass panic to the entire camp. Delilah takes her chance and uses Godasen's body as meat shield to slash dozens of Imperial's soldier to death.

In order to make sure Godasen is safe and have time to retreat from the superior firepower of the JSDF, Borhos deliberately allow the JSDF and Delilah to retreat to the gate of the camp. However, Dulles unwilling to let them escape and commands Borhos to suicide-pursue them. Having had enough of Dulles's attitude, Borhos ignores his order only for an enraged Dulles to draw his sword to kill Borhos for his insubordination. Fortunately, Dulles's head is blown to pieces from the anti-material sniper rifle of the JSDF's sniper saving Borhos's life and much to his gratitude later on.

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