Japanese-Empire War

Empire-Warrior Bunny War
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Three years prior to 20xx


Three years prior 20xx


Northwestern Falmart, Special Region


Imperial Victory

  • Genocide or enslavement of most of the Warrior Bunny race.
  • Enslavement of Queen Tyuule.

Empire's flag - new 1 The Empire

Warrior Bunny Tribes


Empire's flag - new 1 Crown Prince Zorzal Caesar

Queen Tyuule

The Empire-Warrior Bunny War was a conflict between the Empire and the warlike, mostly-female, rabbit eared demi-human tribes of the northwestern plains of the continent of Falmart, commonly known as "Warrior Bunnies". An Imperial army led by prince Zorzal Caesar launched an unprovoked invasion of Warrior Bunny lands in search of slaves.

The conflict resulted in severe casualties on both sides, with the Warrior Bunnies putting up a fierce resistance. In the end, however, the numerically superior Imperial Army eventually triumphed and laid siege to the capital of the Warrior Bunny kingdom. During the siege, the queen of the Warrior Bunnies, Tyuule, surrendered, and agreed to be taken into slavery if Zorzal spared her people. Zorzal took Tyuule as a sex slave, but secretly betrayed his promise, enslaving all the defeated demi-humans and slaughtering any of her people that refused to surrender.


The few, surviving warrior bunnies, like Delilah or Mamina, that still resist the Empire consider Tyuule a traitor, as her sacrifice led the slaughter and enslavement of their people. For this reason, they seek revenge against both the Empire and Tyuule herself. Tyuule, for her part, secretly knows Zorzal murdered her people, and waited three years for the moment to take revenge. When the Japan Self-Defense Forces arrived with their far superior weapons technology, Tyuule found a means towards her ends, and plots to drive the JSDF to destroy the Empire.

Furthermore, the surviving Warrior Bunnies also join force with the JSDF to exact revenge on the Empire.



  • The Story about the War against the Warrior Bunnies contents some historical refferences to Roman treatment of barbarian People in the Classic Antiquity.