What Would Itami Do?
Episode 12 preview
Kanji 伊丹なら
Rōmaji Itami nara
Episode Number 12
Air Date September 19, 2015
Season 1
Opening N/A
Ending GATE ~Just Like the Dawn~
Previous Episode Visitor
Next Episode The Banquet Begins

What Would Itami Do? (伊丹なら Itami nara) is episode 12 of the Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! anime.


Yao's attempts to ask the JSDF for help fails as most of the soldiers do not speak or know little of the local language. She is soon arrested by the Military Police after attacking several thugs who mistakes her for a prostitute. Lelei, having improved her Magic thanks to chemistry books she read on Earth, is called by the JSDF to serve as Yao's interpreter. After learning her story, General Hazama tells Yao that he cannot help her as her home, Schwartz Forest, is located in the Elbe Kingdom, which is outside the borders of the Empire. As the Japanese are currently in peace talks with the Empire, sending troops over their border would only reignite conflict. With Yao devastated with the news, some soldiers sympathies with her, with Lieutenant Akira Yanagida suggesting Yao could ask Itami for help. Elsewhere, Itami and his men deliver goods from Japan to Piña and Hamilton, as part of their plan to win over more nobles to seek peace with Japan. Before leaving, Itami gives Piña a Yaoi doujin translated by Bozes and Panache, which unknown to him, contains newspaper clipping of Itami's heroic actions. As Itami heads back to base and hopes peace between both sides, Lelei narrates the war is far from over.

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