The Imperial Capital Quake
Episode 14 preview
Kanji 帝都激震
Rōmaji Teito Gekishin
Episode Number 14
Air Date January 15, 2016
Season 2
Opening GATE II ~Beyond the World~
Ending Always Communication
Previous Episode The Banquet Begins
Next Episode Tuka Luna Marceau

The Imperial Capital Quake (帝都激震 Teito Gekishin) is episode 14 of the Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! anime.


Pina invites Sugawara, Itami, Shino and Akira to meet with her father the Emperor in the Imperial Palace to advise them how to handle with earthquakes. However, Zorzal also arrives to warn his father of another earthquake coming. Piña and 3rd Recon are surprised to how Zorzal knows of the "earthshakes", and he reveals Noriko, a slave who was a Japanese citizen captured during the Battle of Ginza.

Angered by Zorzal's treatment of Noriko, Itami punches him. Zorzal, who is just as equally angered, orders his guards to attack Itami. Kuribayashi easily disposes of Zorzal's guards and lackeys, and the survivors quickly surrender, greatly fearing the power of the assault rifle. Zorzal refuses to divulge more information, so Itami has Kuribayashi beat him up for more information. The Imperials look on with stunned faces. Itami is about to ask Zorzal for more information when Tyuule, another of Zorzal's slaves, appears and deescalates the incident. Sugawara tells Molt that they should hand over any other Japanese citizens they have taken prisoner, and warns them not to go to the Senate building tomorrow before the group leaves.

The next morning, as the citizens of the capital city recover from the earthquake, two JSDF jets bomb the empty Senate. The senators quickly hold a meeting in the remains of the building. A senator tells the group that Cicero held meetings with the JSDF for peace, and is confused to why they bombed the Senate. Molt gives no response, and the senator continues on with telling them that they were enraged when they learned that several of their citizens were captured, even beating up Prince Zorzal. Piña explains to the Senate that the Japanese care for their citizens, refusing to kill, enslave or ransom their prisoners, and that by capturing their citizens, they bombed the Senate to make a clear warning to them. Zorzal wonders why she is siding with the JSDF.

Back in the palace, Zorzal lies in bed and has Tyuule fetch some ice for him. Diabo, Zorzal's brother, tells him that most of the Senate desires peace and that unconditional surrender is likely. Zorzal knows that he is not as smart as him, and wishes to be tortured to death like their stepbrother Kati. Zorzal knows that Molt will have to step down, and will assign him the role of Emperor. He also realizes that Molt will try to manipulate him to keep his seat of power untouched. Zorzal asks Tyuule of any other prisoners, and she tells him that there were two others who were sold to the mines. One died in a mine collapse, and the other survived. Zorzal decides to give the Japanese the other slave, surprising Diabo. Zorzal also tells him that he should either serve him or father, as Piña is a traitor now.

Outside the capital, Noriko is brought back to base where she is cared for. Yanagida tells Itami that Noriko was missing and wandering Ginza when her family was putting out posters. Itami realizes from that point that Noriko's parents were killed in the attack. He tells him not to let Noriko know of it yet. Elsewhere, Tuka continues to search for her father.

Anime-Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Zorzal dragged in several slave girls, not just Noriko and Tyuule. They were all completely naked instead of in rags.
  • In the manga, Pina was indifferent to the slave girls and was bewildered that Itami and the others were attacking Zorzal over them. In the anime, she was shocked when Zorzal started abusing Noriko and grimly understood why Itami attacked him.
  • In the manga, Zorzal is much more aggressive and foolish than his anime counterpart since he still insists making Itami and his gang to pledge for mercy, despite all his guard are disposed by Shino;s superior weapon and he is helpless against Itami's gang. In the anime, Zorzal cowers in fear after all his guards are killed and brave enough to defense himself from Shino's beating, despite it is futile in the end.
  • In the manga, Itami's punch sends Zorzal flies toward the throne while in the anime is near the entrance. Furthermore, Itami shows no sign of pain after punching Zorzal in the anime.
  • In the manga, after getting punch, Zorzal says he will conquer Japan while in the anime he just simply calls the guard to dispose Itami's gang.
  • In the anime, only Shino single-handedly kills the guard while in the manga Tomita kills one of the guard when one of them tries to rush at Shino.
  • For Zorzal's beating, in the anime, Shino only breaks his face not his fingers like the manga.
  • In the manga, the Royal Guard enters the room to try to take on Itami's gang after Zorzal's beating. This part is not included in the anime.
  • In the manga, Shino fires her rifle in hip position while in the anime, she aims her rifle over her shoulder to kill her targets.
  • In the manga, Molt shows sign of fear after witnessing the power of guns in decimating the Imperial Soldiers while in the anime, he retains his composure.

Trivia and FYI

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