Thus, They Fought There
Episode 24 preview
Kanji 斯く戦えり
Rōmaji Kaku tatakaeri
Episode Number 24
Air Date March 25, 2016
Season 2
Opening N/A
Ending GATE ~Just Like the Dawn~
Previous Episode Paradrop
Next Episode N/A

Thus, They Fought There (斯く戦えり Kaku tatakaeri) is episode 24 of the Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! anime.


Itami and the others reach the Imperial Capital, where they receive help from the rest of the 3rd Recon to rescue and escape with Pina, Hamilton and the Emperor. Meanwhile, Pina is dragged into the throne room to be judged by Zorzal for being a traitor only to be stopped by the arrival Lelei and Rory. Despite Zorzal having a giant Ogre fight them, the Ogre is easily killed and Zorzal is forced to give up Pina to Itami after he threatens to kill Zorzal if he continues harming his friends.

With their targets rescued, Itami and the rest escapes from the Imperial Capital. The Emperor recovers and realizing Zorzal will never listen to him to make peace with Japan, decides to make Pina his heir and in charge of the Empire, even though it would lead to a civil war between his children. Zorzal and his supporters are forced to leave the Imperial Capital with Zorzal vowing revenge against the Japanese. Tyuule, despite achieving her goal of bringing ruined to the Empire, feels no satisfaction.

Ten days later in Italica, Pina is crowned as Crown Princess of the Empire, vowing to bring peace between the Empire and Japan. Meanwhile in Tokyo, Itami skips Pina's coronation to attend a doujin convention but much to his frustration, Lelei, Tuka and Rory followed him, causing a ruckus with the crowd and the attention of the police.

Anima-Manga Differences

Trivia and FYI

Pinas Quote; "Those who run are traitors, those who stay are scheming traitors" is a reference to full metal jacket, another Vietnam war movie. The same quote is used in the movie with the term Vietcong instead of traitor.

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